Thursday, October 16, 2008

First post

I have no idea what I'm doing here, but I will try to make this good. In about seven hours I'm going to get on my bike and ride. A LOT.

I will start job training in Idaho Falls, Idaho in four days. I live in Lebanon, Indiana, just north of Indianapolis. Rather than fly to Idaho and then just fly home again, I have chosen to throw a gym bag on the back seat of my Harley and ride out there. It's going to take almost 1900 miles to get there because of the route I am taking. Once I leave Idaho, I'm going to continue to the west coast before heading back home.

The job training is merely an excuse for me to take the rest of this trip. I NEED this trip. I returned from my third tour in Iraq this past April and my life has been in turmoil ever since. I'm not certain that I've actually returned home yet. This trip will be a once-in-a-lifetime solo adventure for me, and my goal is to find my sanity by the end of this trip.

I have a few other goals as well. I plan to meet up with several people around the country with whom I've associated through a discussion forum - some for a few years now. I have never met these people in person. I also plan to pursue one of my hobbies, called geocaching (see, by finding at least one geocache in each state through which I pass. Lastly, I hope to visit several places in which I have long been interested but have not previously had the opportunity to visit.

This will be a photo blog. It will also be a narrative of both my discoveries throughout the country and my discoveries about myself. Feel free to skip the psychobabble and just enjoy the pictures if you so desire. This blog is for me AND you.

See you on the road tomorrow.


bikhi said...

ride safely, my friend.

Queen Ladybug said...

Have an amazing time! I'm super jealous, but I plan to enjoy your journey watching from here. Ride safe and make the most of it all!

Kylee said...

Safe travels, Jay! I hope you accomplish all that you desire on this amazing trip! I look forward to progress reports!

Bob said...

Stay safe, Jay! Looking forward to following the ride.

Cheesehead Dave said...

Happy trails! Wear your helmet!

Jim said...

Safe travels, Captain Cowhead!!

Stunod said...

Ride, Jay, Ride!!

(Notice I didn't call you Sally. Even with the leather hat)

Tee said...

This so reminds me of "Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance", a book that added definition to my life. I'm looking forward to your journey, Jay. Stay safe, be well. Namaste'.

KC said...

Be safe and have fun. I did something similar 10 years ago. Though I drove an F-150. Five weeks, 4000+ miles, 10 states - Ohio to Idaho/Montana and back.


mho1970 said...

QLB sent me the link over the weekend.

I, too am jealous.

Just wondering what you took with you. I know on a bike it has to be minimal but anyway, if you get the chance to list.

Be careful and have a great trip.

Stop by the orignal cache in OR. and pick up my TB if you can. A guy has it close by, I'll email him and get a contact # for you if you can.