Sunday, October 26, 2008

DAYS FIVE, SIX, AND SEVEN - or "I'm not riding in this stuff!"

Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday 21-23 October 2008.

This is why I came to Idaho. I'm here for job training and won't be doing any riding for these three days. I rode to training the first morning here and I got snowed and sleeted on before I got there. That's enough of that. The day got nicer and it was a good ride back to the hotel, but I left the bike parked for the rest of the week and took the bus to and from training instead.
On the plus side, I got a really nice room in a hotel by the falls. I'm on the seventh floor and my balcony overlooks the river. The hotel is round with the elevators at the core and each room radiating out from that. It makes the room slightly wedge-shaped, but also gives each room its own balcony.

The "falls" are an interesting story in themselves. I was expecting some large plunging bit of water over a high cliff. Turns out the falls are all of five or six feet high. Now granted, they're really really WIDE. But if you look at this last picture, that's part of the falls as seen from my balcony. Apparently someone built some kind of hydro-electric doo-hickey beneath that wall and they extend quite some distance either side of that picture.

I will start posting again when I leave here. I am getting some really good training here and I'm getting excited about getting this business up and running. But I'm also ready to get on with this trip and to see the rest of the country. More to follow.


Webfoot said...

A friend of mine was up in Idaho Falls last year. He and his wife were at the viewpoint for the falls and they saw a woman looking at the rails, etc. at the viewpoint. When he got back and we had them over for dinner he asked me about it, so we looked it up and figured that the woman was probably a geocacher looking for the cache hidden there.

Heidi said...

I enjoyed catching up on your trip, EJ, and I'm looking forward to following the rest. Ride safe! -gorillagal

Tee said...

I'm loving the blog, and can't wait to see what happens next. ;)